Operation Underworld


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Operation Underworld was the governments code name for the cooperation of Italian and Jewish organized crime figures from 1942 to 1945 to help protect US docks and seaports on the east coast from German, Italian and Japanese spies and saboteurs. The mafia’s protection was also used to help avoid wartime labor union strikes and limit theft of war supplies by black market thieves. The waterfront operation was led by Naval Commander Charles R Haffendon. Haffendon approached Genovese family mobster Joseph Lanza who was head of the Local 359 Union that controlled New Yorks fishing docks in regards to assissting in keeping our ports safe. Lanza took the proposition to mafia boss Charles “Lucky” Luciano who was incarcerated in Dannemora NY serving a 30 to 50 year sentence for running a prostitution ring. Luciano saw this opportunity as a possible way to negotiate time off his sentence and deportation to his native Italy. In addition to protection of the docks Lanza and Luciano gave orders to local fisherman to help track German U Boat locations on the east coast. This partnership aided in keeping us safe and after serving 9.5 years Lucianos sentence was commuted and he was deported to Italy. Luciano was constantly under heavy surveilance in Italy and eventually charged with suspicion of smuggling narcotics back to the states. After being detained for over a week the police released Luciano due to lack of evidence. Luciano eventually passed away at Naples Airport of a heart attack on January 26 1962.